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Customer Care

  Assisting you however we can is a high priority. While we do have some conditions, rest assured they are to best assist in a pleasurable experience for you, the safety of the animals, and the benefit of both your family and ours.

   Please read all of the Terms & Conditions to know what to expect of us, our homestead, and your purchase experience. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

We look forward to your business and serving your family however we can.

Privacy & Safety

   Your privacy is of the highest importance to us. To enure your safety, we can accept online payments through PayPal alone. All other forms of payments accepted are check/money order (for deposit only), or cash in person or by mail. We do not share your personal information with anyone, for any reason. Your information is saved in our personal database ONLY so we can contact you with a follow-up after your purchase. We have invested in a Wix website since they ensure the safety of information, including payment information.

Return Checks

Checks are accepted for the deposit only. There will be a thirty-five (35) dollar charge for any returned checks. The purchaser will then be responsible to send cash or a money order.

Use of Photos

You may use any pictures of the animals (no person can be in the photo with the exception of human legs in goat standing pics) from our website and/or our Facebook page as long as you put “Photo Courtesy of FHL Homestead” on each photo used.

Payment Methods


- Offline Payments

     Deposit: Cash, Check, and Money Order

     Full Amount at Pick-Up: Cash Only

Goat Terms of Sale

Wait List:

There is no cost to be put on a wait list for a goat. In the event you have become next in line, you will be given the options to choose from. If there are others in line behind you, you will have 24 hours to make your choice. At the end of the 24 hours, someone from FHL Homestead will contact you. If you have not made your choice, FHL Homestead reserves the right to move on to the next person on the list. You may choose to be put on the next kidding wait list instead.


   To secure a goat from FHL Homestead there is a fifty (50) dollar, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be used towards the total purchase price of a registered Nigerian Dwarf goat. In the event the purchaser does not follow through with the sale, FHL Homestead will retain the full fifty (50) dollar deposit.


Animal Health:       

   FHL Homestead will provide all vet work (CD/T shot and/or booster, tattoo, worming, and banding if applicable) which is included in the total purchase price. FHL Homestead also provides you with proof of a clean and tested herd upon request or you may view it here. Once the animal has been picked up, the health and well-being of the animal is the responsibility of the new owner. However, Jon and Kristina Coffey of FHL Homestead are available to answer any questions and give advice.


Animal Registration:

   All does and in-tact males will be registered; wethers (castrated male) will not be registered. All paperwork for ADGA registration will be completed after the goat kid has been tattooed and should be sent in a timely fashion to ensure registration is completed. Paperwork will be filled just once, and it is up to the new owners to keep track of the documentation. The purchaser is responsible to follow the steps to transfer the goat into their family/herd name.


Animal Pick Up:

   The said goat will be ready by the date as agreed between the purchaser and FHL Homestead. The purchaser is responsible to make arrangements for pick up on that date. The full agreed purchase price is due on the day of pick up, in cash only (minus the deposit). If the goat is not picked up and paid for in full by the agreed day there is a five (5) dollar per day holding fee to cover the cost and burden of housing the animal. If the purchaser does not pick up the said goat by one (1) week after the agreed pick up date, the purchaser forfeits the animal and the deposit. FHL Homestead is then able to re-sell the above goat kid.

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