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~Meet Reichert's Dairy Air Caramel~

He is such a stud!

We got him in August of 2020 and we thought he was going to struggle at breeding our does. The queen, Louise, was so rough with him before rut that when he was in rut and her in heat, she was chasing HIM! haha.

But low and behold...BABIES.

Good job stud!

*Caramel was donated to Agape Farm in 2021. They are a farm looking to build a greater future for siblings in foster care.

DOB: 05/16/2020             SOLD 2021

Sire: Triple Arrow Farm Kpt Hoof

Dam: Triple Arrow Farm Luv Ya Latte


Kidding Records

2021 - 1 buckling

             3 bucklings

2022 - 1 buckling, 2 doelings

             2 bucklings, 1 doeling

2021 Dam.JPG
2021 Dams.JPG
Dam's Udder

Triple Arrow Farm

Luv Ya Latte

*Photo Courtesy of Reichert's Dairy Air

Sire Dam's Udder

Old Mountain Farm


*Udder pic not available

*Photo Courtesy of Triple Arrow Farm

Serena Photo Courtesy of Kyeema
Dam's Sire Dam's Udder
Serena Photo Courtesy of Kyeema

*Photo Courtesy of Kyeema Ridge

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