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Pet Quality


When Buying One Equals Thirty

Pet Quality? What does that mean?


There are two types of chicken breeders out there: SOP and Pet Quality (or hatchery quality).

SOP (Standard of Perfection) are your show quality birds. Are you in 4H, you want the show quality. You will never win with a chicken from a hatchery. However, you will also pay for it with the prices more than doubling that of a pet quality bird.


Blue, Black, Splash Ameraucana


   The Ameraucana is a highly popular breed, known for their beautiful blue eggs.  

   These gorgeous and graceful birds were hand-selected for their lacing and deep blue coloring. With muffs, beards, blue eggs and tons of style, they are proven winners. We have both Blue (grey), Black, and Splash coloring.

   When breeding for the color blue, genetics produces a variance in offspring. Half of the Blue Ameraucana day-old baby chicks will be blue, one fourth will be black, and one fourth will be splash.

Barred Rock


   The Barred Rock (Plymouth Rock) chicken is one of the all-time, popular favorites in the U.S. They can't be beat for steady, reliable chickens. This Heritage Breed was developed in New England in the early 1800's by crossing Dominiques and Black Javas. Since then, the breed has spread to every part of the U.S., and is an ideal, American chicken. This breed of chickens is often referred to as a Plymouth Rock, but that title actually refers to the entire breed, not just the Barred variety. Other varieties include Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled and White

   These hardy, dual-purpose chickens are known as prolific brown egg layers, and the hens are not discouraged by cold weather. At maturity they are solid and plump with yellow skin, which makes them a beautiful, heavy roasting fowl. 

  Baby chicks are dark gray to black, with some white patches on their head and body.

Purebred: $4 per

Pullets: $10 per

Cockerel: $5 per

Hen: $15 per

Rooster: $10 per

Hatching Eggs: $20 per dozen

   Below you will find our flock. When you are ready, click the button and you will be able to view our hatching schedule. Once you are ready, you will be able to put your name on our wait list.

Please note: we do NOT ship at this time, but will gladly meet up to 30 miles.

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