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Wild Turkey


When Buying One Equals Thirty

These beauties are so gentle and easy to handle. Certainly what you would call a "gentle giant".

This will make a great addition to anyone's homestead and/or Thanksgiving table!

Narragansett Tom_edited.jpg

Narragansett Turkey

Narragansett Tom_edited.jpg

The Narragansett Turkey is a heritage breed turkey which descends from a cross between the Eastern Wild Turkey and domestic turkeys brought to this country by European colonists. Narragansetts are named after the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. These turkeys are primarily black with bands of steel gray, with dull black tails penciled with parallel lines of tan and edged in steel gray. 


The babies are dark brownish/black with penciling on head and back, yellow bellies.   

Narragansetts are a rare, multicolored, medium-sized breed of fowl. They are known for being calmer than most and are good mothers.

Hens average weight is around 17 lbs., and toms average 30 lbs. 

Poult: $6 per

Jenny (under 1yr): $20 per

Jack (under 1yr): $25 per

Hen: $40 per

Tom: $50 per

Hatching Eggs: $20 per 1/2 dozen

   Below you will find our flock. When you are ready, click the button and you will be able to view our hatching schedule. Once you are ready, you will be able to put your name on our wait list.

Please note: we do NOT ship at this time, but will gladly meet up to 30 miles.

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