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2021 Hatching Schedule

   Hatching our own chicks is one way we are able to bring in money to have our chickens pay for themselves. But it is also such a joy. As a home school family we use hatching to teach different areas of life and academics. We use the responsibility of taking care of the chicks to teach work ethic. And yes, we even teach our children about the sadness of death and the purpose of grief through loosing our loved animals.

Please note: These chicks are not show quality birds, and they are priced as such. We are not a registered breeder, we simply breed for love of chickens and continue constant top egg production on our  homestead.


This Hatch

Fertility: 88% (3 egg infertile)

Hatch Rate: 86%

Barnyard Mix

Most of this hatch is to add to our personal stock while "dusting off"our hatching and brooding supplies and get back into the swing of things from the winters break.

With that said, we will have a few available to purchase.

$2 per chick

$10 per dozen hatching eggs

HATCH DATE: 04/21/2021


Poults and Assortment

This hatching we have Narragansett turkey poults along with purebred Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Easter Egger, and Olive Egger.

Turkey Poults

$6 per poult

$20 per HALF dozen hatching eggs

Purebred Chicks

$4 per chick

$20 per dozen hatching eggs

HATCH DATE: 05/20/2021


Easter and Olive Egger

This hatching will be Easter Egger / Olive Egger Hatchings.

EE/OE Chicks


$4 per chick

$20 per dozen hatching eggs

Projected HATCH DATE: 06/09/2022


Barnyard Mix

This hatching is a barnyard mix of:

Barred Rock, Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and California White

Barnyard Mix Chicks


$2 per chick

$10 per dozen per hatching eggs

Projected HATCH DATE: 07/07/2022

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