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Celtic Pride Icy Str8 Ziprider


~Celtic Pride Icy Str8 Ziprider~

This little lady was added to our herd in 2023. We are so thrilled to see what her genetics will add to our homestead.

More to come...

Keep an eye out for her kids in

spring of 2024.

DOB: 01/15/2022

      ADGA: D002213508

      AGS: D-109052

Sire: Agape's Prize Keep it Zipped

      SS: Old Mountain Farm JohnQ Public

      SD: Old Mountain Farm Win-Zip 2*M

Dam: GCH Larkstone SP Sky's The Limit

      DS: Sugar Moon O Sky Pilot +*B

     DD: Dill's GA Rinky Dink

Kidding Records coming in 2024...

Celtic Pride Icy Str8 Ziprider

First Freshening Udder

*Photos courtesy of Celtic Pride Farms

Celtic Pride Icy Str8 Ziprider
Celtic Pride Icy Str8 Ziprider


GA Rinky Dink

Dam Dam
Dill's GA Rinky Dink

*Photo Courtesy of Celtic Pride

Sire Dam
Photo Courtesy of Agape's Prize.bmp

*Photo Courtesy of Agape's Prize

Sire's Dam's Dam
Old Mountain Farm WinZip 90VEEV
Courtesy of Celtic Pride Farms.JPG
Courtesy of Agape's Prize.bmp
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