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Barnyard Mix

When Buying One Equals Thirty

Just as it sounds.

These are a mix of whichever rooster we have with the hens at the time, and all of our various hens.

You may even get a purebred out of the deal as we just let the roosters in no matter the breed.


Barnyard Mix: $2 per

Pullets: $10 per

Cockerel: $5 per

Hen: $15 per

Rooster: $10 per

Hatching Eggs: $10 per dozen

   Below you will find our flock. When you are ready, click the button and you will be able to view our hatching schedule. Once you are ready, you will be able to put your name on our wait list.

Please note: we do NOT ship at this time, but will gladly meet up to 30 miles.

Example of our Barnyard Mixes

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