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1st Generation Homestead


   First, thank you so much for visiting our page. It is only by the grace of God and your business that we are able to pursue the homestead life we dream about.

   We are a city family who moved to the country in hopes to provide a more traditional way of living to our five girls. This is probably a pretty typical story in our society today. There really isn't much which sets us apart. We are just simple people with a simple plan: to love God with everything we are, to love you as we love our own family, and to bring a more traditional way of life to our children and their children.

Would you consider joining us in this journey?

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When we started out with our homestead, we started with chickens...and we love it!



We added goats to our adventures in February of 2020. What a great addition!

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ABOUT F•H•L Homestead

We are located just south of Melcher-Dallas, Iowa.

We are F•H•L Homestead and we are endeavoring to bring life back to a more simple (though not easier) way of living. Our hope is one day we can live off the land to bring an old, but not forgotten, way of living into this modern generation. We treasure our family time and want to instill this way of living and thinking in our children's generation.


One of the ways we do this is by raising chickens and goats along with loads of DIY projects.

Here, on our Facebook page, you will be able to follow along on our crazy journey of two non-farmers creating a homestead with absolutely no experience. You will also be able to use this page to find us at the local farmer's market or to connect with us to purchase:

Custom Cakes

Hand-Crafted Woodworking

Deer Antler Dog Chews





And so much more...

**upon availability


We would LOVE for you to join us on our journey. And should you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.



Jon and Kristina Coffey


Why only share in our successes?

This is life after all.


Open Spaces.


With Love.

Our chickens have full access to our entire property. They roam for fresh and natural feed while also providing premium feed.

Our hatching season is April - August.

Open Spaces.


With Love.

Our goats have a large pasture which they graze for fresh and natural feed. We also provide premium feed and local alfalfa and grass hay.

In the winter months I grow fodder with pasture seed so they can have a small amount of fresh greens year 'round.

Our hatching season is April - August.

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